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There are NO Entry-Level Jobs for UI/UX designers.

UI/UX Designer jobs are the most trending and better-paying jobs in the current market. UI/UX market has increased their requirement by over 200% from 2020. So we see there is a surge in the market but still study suggest only 8% of the new vacancies are for Entry-level jobs.

For somebody who wants to pursue this as a career. These number doesn’t appear appealing to us. Even though some entry-level jobs pay up to 6–8 LPA (INR). A study conducted by Glassdoor concludes that 4LPA (INR) is the standard for entry-level jobs. Candidates with experience greater than 3 years had a package of over 13–15 LPA (INR). So, people with entry-level jobs do not have great zeal to enter the market even when they could.

An independent study was conducted by me in which I asked multiple Recruiters and candidates

“ Why don’t Candidates want to enter the UI/UX market?”.

I have curated a chart, to sum up, the most common answers.

I found out around 20% of the candidates were earning more money via freelancing rather than a 9–5 job. Almost 25% of candidates deemed themselves not worthy of a job currently. 10% of candidates left the Offer because of Low Salary. 20% of candidates had offer letters but they were still looking for jobs preferred in other sectors. Next, I asked some UX-oriented industries

“Why there are no Entry-level job hiring available?”

This was the most unexpected answer I heard from the industry itself. According to the management, there are job openings specifically for UI/UX but they are filled almost 3 days after opening. Partially the reason is referrals of employees and majorly due to their history with Sr Designers. Sr Designers often hire interns or freelancers to do work under them. Even though it may seem a little out of the box. The majority of people who enter in UI/UX have already been working with the company before entering the company. That’s why, Whenever there is an opening candidate who has some sort of affiliation with a company is always preferred over other candidates. Due to this practice in UI/UX industry, there are almost no Entry-Level jobs.

Freelancers have also taken a major part in this problem. Companies can get their work done in a much lesser amount than the employee. So, They are diverting toward them too.

Similarly, Since UI/UX designers are paid more via freelancing they tend to be diverted toward Freelancing rather than securing a job in the market.

This is what I uncovered while I analyzed the problem. If you think there are more problems that I couldn’t uncover let me know in the comments below.

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